9 series to check out on YouTube.

A literal pandemic is upon us and many have used this time to learn the proper technique to wash hands, practise social distancing like a pro and log on to our Netflix/Prime accounts more than ever before (check out 7 Netflix original documentaries worth watching). For today’s post, I decided it would be a good time to share some content from my personal favourite entertainment platform – YouTube!

There is a lot of impressive content on YouTube and the fact that it’s free is a big plus. This list doesn’t have any scripted drama or comedy shows; it’s content that’s specific to YouTube only. So here are 9 series and/or channels with interesting content that can help you quarantine the fun way:


1. Buzzfeed Unsolved

what to watch on youtube - buzzfeed unsolved

We’re talking about web series so of course, I have to start with Buzzfeed. Unsolved True Crime is their fan-favourite series that takes a deep dive into some of the world’s most compelling and unsolved crimes, from disappearances to murders. Be it Jack the Ripper or the O.J. Simpson case, if murder mystery is your thing, this is the perfect show for you. The Buzzfeed Unsolved Network also covers supernatural stories, which I choose to stay away from.

Check it out: Buzzfeed Unsolved


2. Be Kind Rewind

what to watch on youtube - be kind rewind

This one’s for you old Hollywood fans. I enjoy this channel because the narrator discusses the Hollywood environment in the ’30s up until today and the politics that come into play which is all very fascinating. The main topic of this channel is discussing the Best Actress category at the Oscars and the precise circumstances that lead to the final outcomes. The content of this channel is brilliantly formulated. Check it out if you want to know just how newcomer Julie Andrews beat Audrey Hepburn at the 1965 Oscars. Pretty cool stuff – even for me, considering I’m not into movies.

Check it out: Be Kind Rewind


3. Hot Ones by First We Feast

what to watch on youtube - hot ones

Many enjoy YouTube for fun celebrity interviews with Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel or Jimmy-something, but Hot Ones is where it’s really at. It’s a show where celebrities are interviewed while eating hot wings that get spicier as the show goes on. It’s hosted by Sean Evans, who has often be admired by peers and guests of the show for asking interesting and well-researched questions.

Check it out: Hot Ones


4. Vsauce

what to watch on youtube - vsauce

Let’s get nerdy. Vsauce is a science channel in which Michael Stevens talks about various concepts in the most captivating way. He discusses topics like what would happen if the sun were to disappear or if everyone on Earth jumped at once. I recommend the videos related to physics as they explore many compelling outerspace topics. Another gripping science channel worth checking out is Veritasium.

Check it out: Vsauce


5. Refinery29’s series

what to watch on youtube - refinery29

A popular online establishment, Refinery29 has several series they produce on their YouTube channel: Shady is a series that discusses the dark side of the beauty industry such as how mica is sourced unethically or how dangerous it is to wear makeup in North Korea. How Stuff Is Made shows how some of the most popular makeup products are created. There are many interesting shows on their channel worth checking out, so this one can keep you occupied for a while.

Check it out: Refinery29


6. Vox’s series

what to watch on youtube - vox

Another prominent online brand, Vox makes some of the most riveting content about almost everything. Their prime appeal is their ability to breakdown and explain mostly complex subject matter — that can include political issues, perplexing musical techniques and mundane history — in the simplest way, that’s also enjoyable. They’ve recently been putting out a lot of videos relating to the current pandemic, which are quite informative.

Check it out: Vox


7. Good Mythical Morning

what to watch on youtube - gmm

YouTube for me has always been about YouTubers and the two YouTubers that I’ve managed to get everyone hooked on to are Rhett and Link. Their morning show, Good Mythical Morning, consists of the two best friends having the best time they could. From food taste tests to eating the world’s hottest pepper to determining what would happen if you left things in a hot car for a month, it’s a good and silly time on GMM.

Check it out: Good Mythical Morning


8. Epic Rap Battles of History (ERB)

what to watch on youtube - erb

Epic Rap Battles of History has blessed the internet with some of the most ingenious content. If by any chance, you aren’t familiar with this channel already, it’s about, you guessed it, epic rap battles. Rap battles of Gandhi vs Martin Luther King Jr., Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates, Steven Spielberg vs Alfred Hitchcock, you name it. Isn’t this exactly what the internet was created for? Check them out for some great laughs; it’s truly a channel you shouldn’t miss out on.

Check it out: ERB


9. Technique Critique by WIRED

what to watch on youtube - wired erik singer technique critique

One of the many series featured on WIRED‘s YouTube channel is Technique Critique, wherein experts of various fields judge the depiction of their skills on TV and film. They bring doctors to critique medical scenes, lawyers to critique courtroom scenes, astronauts to critique space scenes and their most popular (and my favourite), dialect coach, Erik Singer, to break down accents. It’s surprisingly pretty fun to watch.

Check it out: Technique Critique


There you have it! I guess I should mention that you can also check out a few videos on my channel, tweshagetsbored. A majority of us are fortunate enough to be able to stay at home and keep things going, so let’s not take that for granted. Hope everyone can get some work done and try to stay calm watching movies, discovering dope new music and checking out some of the fun stuff mentioned above. Be alert, take the right precautions and don’t panic. Use the internet for good.

Thank you so much for reading, have a great day and stay safe!


[Photo credits: Buzzfeed Unsolved – amazon.com  |  Be Kind Rewind – youtube.com/channel/UCNiolZNLiJplmCCzqk9-czQ  |  Hot Ones – youtube.com/firstwefeast  |  Vsauce – youtube.com/watch?v=i8GD33DsRw8  |  Refinery29 – youtube.com/refinery29  | Vox – youtube.com/vox  |  Good Mythical Morning – twitter.com/YouTube/status/860289022802837504  |  ERB – deviantart.com/zaloxitah/art/HD-Epic-Rap-Battles-of-History-Logo-581404946 (edited by me)  Technique Critique – youtube.com/watch?v=_6ohUUzh9kk]

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