how my skin and hair are better than ever.

In the past couple of months, I’ve often remarked to myself how my skin and hair have never looked better. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not the best skin or hair you’ll see — but for the first time, my skin feels plump and my hair looks healthy, all of which seems like a miracle for someone who has always battled with acne-related issues and damaged, frizzy hair.

The reason for this was not much of a mystery to me. In fact, it was very obvious and easy to note that once I adopted certain habits, my skin and hair were getting visibly better. Following a simple routine strictly for almost two years is what did it. Now many of these tips may be obvious, but the key here is adhering to these basics properly and consistently ☝🏼 So if you’re interested, here are the tips that made the biggest difference:


1. The best face washing technique

We may not pay much attention to this step, but about a year ago, I came across a tweet by a skincare specialist who popularised the technique of massaging the face wash all over your face using your fingertips for precisely 60 seconds. Everyone swore by it so I decided to give it a go and it really works! My skin was glowing. At this point, it’s a knee-jerk reaction for me to start counting to 60 every time I wash my face. Also, washing your face as soon as you wake up and right before heading to bed is ideal.


2. The everyday SPF

Sunscreen is your skincare best friend. Whether it be a sunny summer day or a rainy winter day, whether you’re spending the day outdoors or indoors, having sunscreen on makes a very big difference in not only protecting your skin from the harmful doodahs in the sun’s rays but also in making your skin appear more firm. It’s something I observed as soon as I started applying sunscreen right after washing my face first thing in the morning.


3. The night time moisture lock

This was the biggest turning point for my skin. I finally decided to pay attention to moisturizing and figured that a night cream would be a good option. It truly became a game-changer for my skin. In my meticulous night time routine, washing my face and following it up with what’s now become my favourite skincare product is a must. Honestly, it was when I started using a night cream that I first saw my skin be supple and glowy and this was before I followed any of the other tips mentioned here.


4. Oil your hair before every wash

It’s such a daadi maa advice, but I’m afraid it’s one that works best. As a kid, I never let my mum oil my hair and so I dealt with frizzy, unhealthy hair all my life. In the last 2-3 years, I’ve been oiling my hair religiously before every wash and I truly wish it was something I’d done sooner. Better late than never I guess. It helps tame the frizz but also promotes healthier hair growth which is something all hair types can benefit from. My personal tip here is to take the time and find the right type of hair oil for you – coconut, almond, amla, different brands, different sub-types – experiment and you will find one that works better than the rest.


5. No heat

This is where things can get challenging. I straightened my hair in all of 2016 and at the time stopped only because the hair fall due to it was getting out of control. When I decided to finally take proper care of my hair for the first time, I swore not to use any heat on my hair – no straightening, no curling, no blow-drying – and it has been effective. Here’s the thing: unless you’ve been born with gorgeous hair or at least taken good care of it for decades, a couple of instances of straightening, colouring, what have you, won’t cause much damage. But for somebody like me, if I choose to do any of these things often to my hair at this point, my hair progress will be set back by at least a year. So, strictly staying away from it all for a long time.


Ultimately it’s pretty straightforward – Do more of the things you already know are good for your skin and hair, less of what you know is obviously bad and commit.

Here are some sexy unedited shots of my face without makeup trying not to get blinded by the sun.skincare haircare 2skincare haircare 3

Trying to achieve healthy skin and hair is a commitment, the result of which is visible only after several months, to say the least. But the pay off is quite satisfying. Particularly for hair care, patience and consistency are crucial. Of course, my skin isn’t perfect. Neither is my hair. But they are the healthiest they’ve ever been which makes me feel good because trying to have good skin and hair is something I consciously sought out to achieve.

Products: When it comes to skin/hair care, I don’t prefer to rely on reviews because everyone’s skin/hair is very different. Its nature depends on where you live, your environment, diet, genetics, hormones, lifestyle and no two people have the same combination of these things. The trial-and-error approach to find the perfect products for your needs is the way to go.

I wholeheartedly stand by all the points I mentioned in this blog post. I wanted to write this to share some of my tried and trusted tips for anyone interested and to highlight the methods that have helped me. Taking care of your skin and hair is all the rage today, which is great but it also emphasises that almost all of us have some troubles and concerns in this area, which is normal and perfectly fine. It’s okay to care and it’s okay to not care. It’s always important to remember that when it comes to beauty, you do you ❤

Eat well, sleep well, worry less and have a great day! Thank you so much for reading! 🙂


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