for the stormy days in your life.

The older you get, the more you realise just how important mental health is. It’s sadly not talked about much because the people that don’t go through episodes of severe depression and anxiety won’t be able to describe the situation accurately (even if they try to) and the people who do go through it are never comfortable talking about it.

Be that as it may, if you find yourself in the middle of dark times when anything and everything in your life is simply too overwhelming, there are plenty of things you can do to ease your pain and perhaps even help you rise above it. Here are a few of my suggestions –


  1. Clean / De-Clutter

1 dirty room

Clean your room; and if that’s too much, clean your room floor or organise a section of your wardrobe or sort out that junk drawer hoarding a treasure of unnecessary things. De-cluttering helps you feel fresher and studies have shown that having a messy and unkept room significantly contributes to depression.


2. Go outside

2 outdoors

This may be the toughest to do but you won’t regret it once you’ve managed to step out of your house. Take a walk right outside your home, or a little stroll in the park, for however long needed. Feel the wind blow against your face and take it all in, in that moment.


3. Favourite movies / TV shows

4 netflix

Get cozy with your preferred beverage of tea, coffee or hot chocolate and re-watch your favourite classics. Those movies and shows that you’re a die hard fan of and that you know will do a great job of taking your mind off unpleasant thoughts and feelings and even bring a smile on your face.


4. Get off social media

5 social media

In my book, this is the most important and effective tip on this list. Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat are the most evil and unforgiving catalysts for declining mental health today. Make it a point to try and stay off them for at least 24 hours and then try going for a week. You will see a big difference in your everyday mood instantly.


5. A good nap

3 nap

“If all else fails, take a nap”. When things get too noisy in your head, it’s a good idea to give it some rest. Take a guilt-free nap and understand why it’ll help your day. Your mind will get the much needed re-booting it requires and hopefully you’ll wake up in a better mental environment feeling refreshed 🙂


There you have it! It’s true that certain cloudy times in our lives make it seem like things are never going to get better and everything is headed for a downward spiral. It’s in these troubling times when the only thing that helps turn it all around is hope. Even the smallest glimmer of hope is worth holding on to – it’s all that is needed to reach and live through the bright, sunny days that are awaiting ❤ So keep holding on 🙂

Thanks for reading and please share this with anyone who you think might need it ❤


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  1. Reblogged this on Ideas.Become.Words and commented:
    Fabulous advice here for anyone who has moments, bouts, days of depression or anxiety nibbling at their feet, preventing them from taking steps in the positive direction.
    Do even one of these tips for a while (I frequently deactivate from social media now for a day or two and it seriously does make you feel differently 🌸)
    Stay strong folks xx

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